Highbay Lighting

The Wilson LEDBAY 250 LED Highbay Lighting is designed to be a direct replacement to conventional 400w highbay lighting in a wide variety of industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, cold storage, loading bays and Sports Stadiums. The Wilson LEDBAY 250 uses approximately half the energy of a 400w HID (High Intensity Discharge) Highbay*. Featuring instant start up and high lumen output while incorporating new LED technology. * Energy savings are based on conventional 400w HID lighting that consumes on average 490w.

Highbay Lighting Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 230v
  • Also Available - Dimmable
  • Total system power consumption: 260w,1.13Amps
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -18°C to +55°C
  • Viewing Angle Optional: Half reflector 130°/ Full reflector 90°
  • Fixture weight: 4.8kg LEDHB250
  • Mounting: Hook /Chain mounting,1m flex and plug

Highbay Lighting Construction:

  • Body: Durable galvanised steel
  • Reflector: Aluminum
Wilson Highbay Lighting Brochure Image