Lowbay Lighting

The Wilson LED Lowbay Lighting is designed to fit in the tight locations that a Highbay cannot. Available in 150w and 250w it is the perfect fitting for under awnings on loading docks.

The instant start and stopping allows it to be wired with sensors to utilise more power savings. Like the Highbay its specifications are very similar except the reflectors are incorporated. Mounting is by way off 4 screws or chain, also comes with 1m flex and plug.

Lowbay Lighting Specifications:

  • Model Numbers: LED LB 250 - LED LB 150
  • Input Voltage & Current: 220-240V AC 250W/1.1AMPS 160W/-70AMPS
  • Life Span: >30,000Hrs
  • Lowbay Lighting LED Specifications: Single Module WLED DL CHIP
  • Power: 150 - 250 WATTS
  • LED Voltage: 36-43 Volts DC
  • Luminous Flux: 11,000 - 14,000 /m
  • Beam Angle: 71.3 - 85.9 degress
  • Certifications: N3610 Australian Compliance & Electrical Safety AS60598
  • Working Temperature: LED optics operating temperature 18-55 degrees
  • Features: Instant start up, UV & mercury free
  • Also Available Dimmable

Lowbay Lighting Construction:

Colours: Warm White, Cool White, Day Light

Body: Durable galvanised steel casting, powder coating optional

Mounting: Chain or surface mount

Lowbay Lighting - Wilson LED Design Lighting Wilson Low Bay Lighting Brochure Image