LED Lighting FAQ

Where is Wilson LED Design Lighting located?

Wilson LED Design Lighting is located at:
Unit 4/54 Malvern St
Bayswater VIC 3153

For full contact details please visit the Contact Page.

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How long has Wilson Industries been trading in Australia?

Wilson Industries commenced operations in Melbourne in 1930 manufacturing low pressure water heaters for the domestic market… a product they still manufacture nearly 80 years later under the trading name Wilson Hot Water Systems. In 2008 Wilson Industries created Wilson LED Design Lighting.

How many people are employed at Wilson Industries?

There are approx 20 people employed at Wilson Industries at any one time.

Where are Wilson LED Design Lighting lights made?

All of the Wilson LED Design range of lights and LED’s are proudly made in Australia.

What percentage of overseas product goes into making Wilson LED Design Lighting lights?

Wilson LED Design Lighting try to source as much locally made product from Australia but some of our sourced product does come from overseas.

Where are the products assembled?

Wilson LED Design Lighting products are made and assembled in Bayswater  VIC.

Having looked at the Highbay light, what does the fan do?

The fan in the Wilson LED Highbay light passes air over the cooling coil so that the LED chip is working within its operating range of temperature.

What happens when the fan stops working? The light will operate up to the temperature cut out setting and then turn itself off.

How long is the fan rated for? The fan is rated at +150k hrs.