Wilson LED Design Lighting offer customers unique LED strip lighting and LED products for all commercial, architectural, building, landscape and water feature applications. Lighting plays a very important part in every day lives, it reflects on how we see the world around us. It impacts on how you feel and it is commonly known as the forth dimension of architecture.

This universal product is exclusive in design and solitary in the market place, not only is it revolutionary for its time, but is environmentally friendly as well.

The dedicated team at Wilson LED Design Lighting aim to meet your lighting needs and make your business their priority. For quality assurance and efficiency to your business needs the Wilson range of LED products are Australian made and locally manufactured.

“By working with our team at Wilson LED Design Lighting we offer an exclusive experience to both you and your business.” – Rob Fredericks, General Manager

Wilson LED Design Lighting Details

Wilson LED
Affiliated Companies

Wilson LED Design lighting has a close affiliation with a number of companies, including Wilson Hot Water, Catten Industries & Automated Control.

LED Brochures

View the Wilson LED Design Lighting’s product brochures for information and specifications of their various LED  products.

LED Lighting FAQ’s

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page contains information about Wilson LED Design Lighting and answers many questions that Wilson LED customers commonly ask.